Project Management

With our experience in large and small scale projects we support you to achieve the desired results of your projects in balance of scope, time, cost and quality.

Strategy, Business Process Management or other operational requirements lead to a pool of potential projects

Portfolio Management: "doing the right things", Selection of the project portfolio, which best suits your needs

Program Management: Additional benefits are achieved, when several related projects are combined and jointly coordinated

Project Management: Balancing scope, time, cost and quality for one project

We pose specific focus on benefit management of your endeavors and make sure, that your project decisions are based on sufficiently challenged project appraisals and project objectives are defined in a measurable way.

After project completion we scrutinize achievement of objectives and take care about necessary adaptions

We combine six sigma with project management methodology of PMI (Project Management Institute)

Our Services:

We audit, manage or organize your projects/programs/portfolio processes

We coach and train your project/program/portfolio managers

We set up or guide you setting up of your project management organization and processes

According to your specific business requirements we put together the team of consultants that best suits your needs.