Business Process Management

Kaizen or continuous improvement can be achieved by continuous improvement of new or existing business processes.

The 5 steps of BPM

We support you by guiding you through the 5 step
Business Process Management loop


Combined with your strategy processes, six sigma as a tool to make deficiencies visible, and a powerful project management we may help you boost your progress!

With a new innovative Business Process Description and Analysis methdology - "subject oriented process modeling" - Metasonic GmbH, Germany, an upcoming corporation sais to save 50% to 80% of effort using the new methodology,which may be supported by their tools.

The method provides following main benefits

  • cost effective and easy process assessment
  • immediate verification through "playing" processes
  • nearly on the spot transformation into a working workflow
  • decentral process maintenance ==> differences between documented and lived processes are history!

We may support you with existing mainstream methods, but advise you at least to pilot the new methodology with us to make sure you do not miss the opportunity to save 50%-80% of effort for your BPM. This could be a competitive advantage.

According to your specific business requirements we put together the team of consultants that best suits your needs.